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4 a.m. Rise and Shine - Kellie Greenwood - Two Laps - 6th Edition

4 am – my alarm goes off. It’s dark, the world is quiet, but I rise. Thankfully, I am a morning person and training is my passion, so waking up at 4 am to get after it is something I look forward to! Now you’d think my morning routine would include coffee, but it does not; I am not a coffee/caffeine drinker. Yes, I know, how?! Maybe I am a bit crazy or maybe I am just really dedicated to getting quality sleep; probably a bit of both. Anyway, what my morning routine does include is sipping on some water, rolling out my feet and IT bands, doing a 5-minute core routine, and tackling whatever workout is scheduled for the day! Right now, that consists of either running or biking as I am building an endurance base. After the workout I get ready, give my puppy (Goldendoodle – Emma) some love, and head off to work. Depending on the day I am able to eat breakfast at home, but most often I end up eating my packed breakfast at the hospital or in my car. I should mention, I am a Nurse Practitioner and work in Orthopedics. My job includes assisting in surgeries such as total joint replacements (knees, hip, shoulders), arthroscopic procedures (knees and shoulders), fractures, and others; along, with seeing patients in the clinic. So, Monday-Wednesday I start work between 6-630 am at the hospital to do rounds on our surgical patients, then I eat breakfast, and either head into the operating room or to the clinic. Most Thursday and Friday’s, we no longer have patients at the hospital to round on, so I am able to start work at 8 am at the clinic, which allows me to eat breakfast a home!

On average my Nurse Practitioner day ends around 4-5 pm, but then I transition back into my athlete mode. Often, I have another training session to do, which helps my work day go faster because I look forward to the opportunity to train again. Whether I have another session or not, my evenings always include dinner, hydration, recovery (massage gun, rolling, etc.), packing all my items for the following day, and playing with Emma of course! I’ve become pretty efficient with my evening routine, but I have to be if I want to be in bed by 7:30/8 pm. Once in bed, I read a little while to wind down… usually some cheesy romance book (*cue Nicolas Sparks*); no shame! I joke that I am a grandma, early to bed and early to rise. But I know how important sleep is. It allows me to recovery, have energy the next day, and makes me much less crabby.

It’s a lot, definitely a full day primarily on my feet, and often I am exhausted by bedtime. To set myself up for success so that I am able to do my job well yet still prioritize training and the “little” things, I spend my Sunday’s prepping for the week. This includes, grocery shopping, meal prepping, cleaning, doing laundry, and watching the Green Bay Packers!

My lifestyle isn’t glamourous and it isn’t for everyone, but I really enjoy it. I am grateful to have family and friends who support and encourage me in all my endeavors and the lifestyle I choose to live. That being said, I don’t see my lifestyle as a bunch of sacrifices, but opportunities to accomplish my goals. I am excited to start my journey with Dakota Distance and join the other awesome women I get to call teammates.

~Kellie Greenwood

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