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Two Laps 2nd Edition, with DDP's newest runner, Emily Renner

Get to our newest addition, Emily Renner, and follow her journey at @roadrunnerrenner as she bounces back from an injury this spring, with her sights set on this fall of getting back on track and finding success again.

I am a veterinarian specializing in Dentistry and Oral Surgery at the University of Wisconsin. Most of my time is dedicated to learning and enhancement of my surgical skills. Veterinary medicine is a very rewarding but stressful career path. In order to balance this stress, I rely on a passion I picked up about the same time I decided I wanted to be a veterinarian, running. I inherited running from my dad, a former collegiate runner. It started with Hershey track meets and developed into a healthy mesh of USATF road and trail races, ultramarathons and snowshoe running. As an adult, my typical year looks like marathon training in the spring and fall, trails in the summer and snowshoe racing in the winter. I love it all and this balance allowed me to stay fresh and engaged. Mid-2018 I decided to switch my focus to primarily road marathons with my eyes on the 2020 Olympic Trials. The closest I came was in 2019 at Grandma’s marathon. I ran a 2:53:03 with healing broken ribs and weeks of training stunted by pneumonia. Immediately after finishing, I signed up for two more marathons. I felt encouraged that if I continued to train hard and raced healthy, my goal of an OTQ was not unreasonable. I pushed hard to get ready for the Twin Cities Marathon, just 15 weeks later. I knew I was taking training risks and my body suffered, I ended up with bilateral proximal hamstring tendinopathy and limped off the course at mile 18. For someone who hasn’t suffered an injury in 3-4 years, this was catastrophic. Instead of working towards an OTQ, I spent months not running and going to physical therapy. 6 months after my TCM DNF, I am proud to be able to run 3 hours total a week. I am building my physical therapy routine and am feeling more confident that my hamstrings will hold up each week. But progress is slow and at times, frustrating. With this injury, I have been hesitant to think about putting any races on the schedule. Now this hesitation is combined with the uncertainty of COVID19. Assuming everything progresses as I would like, my hope is that with the guidance of DDP I will be back this fall with the goals to podium at the USATF Trail Half Marathon Championships and break 2:50 in a late fall to winter marathon. ~Emily Renner

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