Looking for a Coach & Community?  

  • We provide Individualized training for both elite and amateur runners.  Each week consists of a weekly running schedule, data analysis, and continual feedback. Race schedules and race plans are included.  Additionally, weekly strength / flexibility / regeneration packages are available.  

  • In addition to individual training, Dakota Distance Project is a community of athletes who push one another to continue improving by offering support, advice, and encouragement.

  • *NEW* Middle school and High school off season training plans built towards creating a solid foundation for both track and cross country seasons. 


  • Please inquire about price and package options 

Training Philosophy


  • Our goal is to build each runner through strength based workouts, build confidence, enhance each runners strengths, and improve their areas of growth.  To do so, we continually tap into multiple energy systems throughout the week while providing a variety of workouts to enhance and promote continual growth from week to week, month to month, and year to year.  Our cornerstones are long runs, progression runs (snowballs), hill work, and weekly consistency. We strive to make each runner the best, all around runner they can become.  

Communication / Feedback

  • Daily running / strength / flexibility schedules are provided via Google Docs one to two weeks at a time.  Running data is collected and analyzed through Garmin and Strava websites.   

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