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Dakota Distance Project 

  • Benefits of hiring a coach and joining a team 

    • Accountability ​

    • Take away the stress of planning workouts

    • Building collaborative relationships to continue growth

    • Opportunities to learn more about the sport of running  

  • We provide Individualized training for adult and youth distance runners. 

    • Each week consists of a weekly running schedule, data analysis, and continual feedback via text, email, and Google Docs.

    • Race schedules and race plans are included. 

    • Additional strength / flexibility / regeneration are available


  • Middle school and High school athletes

    • Off season training plans built towards creating a solid foundation for both track and cross country seasons. 


  • Middle school and High school coaches

    • ​Assistance/advisory based on three tiers of a successful program ​​

      • Culture Building ​

      • Workouts 

      • Macro Scheduling 

Price / Package 

  • Full / Partial packages available

    • Partial - running schedule / weekly feedback / race assistance and planning 

    • Full  running schedule / unlimited feedback / race assistance and planning / team chats / team resources

  • Prices starting at $70 a month + tax 

Training Philosophy

  • Our goal is to build running strength, speed, power, and endurance through strength based workouts geared toward all running distances.   

  • Our cornerstones are: 

    • Effort based running 

    • Long runs

    • Progression runs (snowballs)

    • Hill work

    • Consistency

Training Available 

  • Marathon 

  • Half Marathon 

  • 10k 

  • 5k

  • 2 mile 

  • 1 mile 

  • 800  

Communication / Feedback

  • Daily running / strength / flexibility schedules are provided via Google Docs one to two weeks at a time.  Running data is collected and analyzed through Garmin and / or Strava websites.   


Kelly Boler, Athlete 

Coach Pooley is knowledgeable, communicative, adaptable, and dedicated to his athletes. Unlike a lot of online coaches, he actually individualizes training programs to your specific goals, strengths, weaknesses, and lifestyle. Under his training plan, I PR'ed in almost every distance from one mile to the marathon. I broke the 5:00-mark in the a 39 year-old MARATHONER; and I qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon. I never would have done that doing random daily runs on my own. That kind of strength & fitness can only come from a thoughtful & calculated training plan like Coach Pooley provides. If you're ready to commit to a running program, I highly recommend DDP & Coach Pooley.

Aryn Embretson, Athlete

Running for DDP has been a huge blessing! Having the structure in my training and taking the guesswork out of making training decisions myself has greatly improved my motivation and performance! Eric is extremely kind, personable and knowledgeable about endurance training. He doesn't have a "one size fits all approach" and he truly listens to my wants and needs. He knows when I need a push or when I need to ease back and it's made a huge difference in my confidence going into races!

Amy Feit, Athlete

I have been coached by Eric and a part of Dakota Distance Project for 4 years and have loved every minute of it! In my first race after being coached by Coach Pooley, I set a PR in the marathon by over 7 minutes! He continually works with my busy life and adjusts my training to make it fit my lifestyle and goals. On top of everything, the workouts and schedule are constantly changing and are fresh with new, interesting, and fun workouts - even after 4 years!

As if having a top-notch coach was not enough, I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the supportive, fun, and like-minded group of athletes that are a part of Dakota Distance Project. The team aspect takes my training and performances to the next level. I have found that running for something bigger than myself is a game changer and thus, running to make this group and my coach proud is an incredible performance enhancer!

Join Us! Interested in hiring a coach and joining a supportive team? Please fill out and we'll get back to you! 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch

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