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Brittany ElsAsseR Kelley

Current Location: Sioux Falls, SD 

Goals: ​​

  • PR in the marathon (3:21:28)

  • Break 3 hours in the marathon


Favorite Workout:

  • Long Run 

  • Snowballs 

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Morgan Cropsey

Current Location: Shirley, MA

Goals: ​​

  • Continue to foster my love of the outdoors while exploring how far I can push myself competitively as a runner. I am excited to run my first marathon this fall followed by my lifelong goal of skiing the American Birkebeiner Nordic ski race.


Favorite Workout:

  • Long trail run with my dogs while listening to my favorite tunes


Dale Weiler 

Current Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Goals: ​​

  • To improve as a runner. Challenge myself and be put in difficult situations and overcome them. BQ would be nice.


Favorite Workout:

  • Any interval training

Dale W.png

Amy Mergen 

Current Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Goals: ​​

  • PR in the marathon (3:29)

  • PR in the half marathon (1:35)

  • To win my age group in local races


Favorite Workout:

  • Long runs and tempo runs

Amy Mergen 2 - Mt Charleston.jpg

Carla Luna 

Current Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Goals: ​​

  • Run a half marathon in 1:40 or less

  • Qualify and run the Boston marathon 


Favorite Workout:

  • Progressive runs & intervals 


Leslie Rowan

Current Location: Grand Forks, ND

Goals: ​​

  • My main goal for 2024 is to beat my current half marathon time of 2:05:59.  

  • Breaking 2 hours would be awesome


Favorite Workout:

  • I love my easy paced long runs with the ladies I run with


Audrey Mascal 

Current Location: Fargo, ND

Goals: ​​

  • Sub 3 Marathon 

  • Register as an elite 

  • Olympic Trials qualification  

Favorite Workout:

  • Long Runs 

Audrey Mascal.png

DeAnn Mcclure

Current Location: Yankton, SD

Goals: ​​

  • Qualifying for Boston

  • Keep enjoying the journey to get there

  • Improving mental strength and confidence during a marathon


Favorite Workout:

  • Fartleks

DeAnn - 2 Mt Charleston.jpg

Kata Cioffi 

Current Location: Washington, DC

Goals: ​​

  • Continue to push myself to see what my mind and body are capable of while enjoying the outdoors. I would love to complete a marathon somewhere beautiful  

Favorite Workout:

  • Slow long runs on a trail with my dog

Kata C.png

Adrienne Bender

Current Location: Brookings, SD

Goals: ​​

  • Stay injury free

  • Pr in age group races

  • Qualify for Boston Marathon


Favorite Workout:

  • Mile Repeats

Adrienne B.jpg

Analise Levesque 

Current Location: New York City, NY

Goals: ​​

  • Break 19 mins in a 5k again

  • NYC Marathon 2025

  • Qualify for Boston Marathon

  • Be competitive again! 


Favorite Workout:

  • Hill Repeats


Kayla Madison

Current Location: Folsom, CA

Goals: ​​

  • I’d love to get faster! I’m hoping to do that through training and completing my second marathon, San Francisco and then maybe CIM. My first marathon was a pretty flat course and I historically have hated running that involves hills, but I know they will ultimately make me a better and stronger runner.

Favorite Workout:

  • Any kind of sprint work or slow easy miles out on my favorite trail along the lake.

Kayla Madison.png
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